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Delegal & Poindexter provides highly specialized legal services to employees with employment law concerns. We represent clients in a wide variety of employment-related matters including severance agreements, professional licensing, non-compete clauses, public employee litigation, and others.

We have developed a comprehensive and integrated approach in our practice. We use the latest technologies in case management and preparation as well as employing a team of professionals that provides you with responsive service. It is our goal to provide our clients with the highest quality legal representation to assist them in pursuing their interests and defending their livelihoods.

Delegal & Poindexter has represented clients in a variety of business and commercial disputes. We take pride in helping clients identify the essential issues in litigation, using the discovery process in an efficient manner to prepare a case for trial, and then working with our clients to evaluate their options. We assist our clients in determining whether settlement or trial serves them better, and working towards the most advantageous outcome for our clients.

We recognize the importance of litigation efficiency, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that the services provided match the level needed in any particular case. We look for creative litigation strategies at all stages and assist our clients in evaluating litigation strategy at every stage of the case. We are well versed in trying cases, but we also realize the importance of using alternate means of resolving cases and the value to our clients of considering all the options available.

Unlike some areas of law, we find that most employment and administrative situations are complex and can’t be handled through quick phone calls or emails.  For each new case, we therefore schedule an initial conference (either in-person or telephone) to meet with a prospective client. We generally follow up the initial meeting with research and review of materials, and schedule a subsequent follow-up meeting and/or communications.  We do not provide legal advice or assist with strategy without first meeting to evaluate a claim.  It takes about two hours of time for us to provide thorough advice on a case, and we therefore charge a fee of $750 for that time.  We find that charging for the evaluation and initial strategy is generally more cost effective for our clients.  Spending the necessary time up front, rather than charging for that time later in the representation, provides our clients with a better understanding of their options and permits them to better formulate a well-structured plan for addressing legal needs.

If you or someone you know requires litigation representation, contact Delegal and Poindexter to schedule a meeting with an experienced attorney who can help you determine the best options for you.