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Professional Licensing


Too often, highly educated and skilled professionals fail to protect their livelihoods by trying to handle license or certification issues without competent legal representation. If you are a licensed or certified professional in the State of Florida and are faced with a potential disciplinary action or revocation of a license or certification, you should contact a qualified Florida professional licensing attorney before taking any action on your own.

Our firm provides guidance and legal services to clients throughout Northeast Florida in all professional licensing in professions, including:

  • Health care providers (physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, dentists, technicians, pharmacists and other medical professionals)
  • Architects/designers
  • Electrical engineers
  • General contractors and construction industry employees
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Teachers
  • Securities brokers
  • Real estate agents
  • Police officers and corrections officers
  • Paramedics/EMTs
  • Veterinarians
  • Massage therapists
  • Geologists
  • Accountants/CPA’s

Licensing agencies may only take action against an individual who is already licensed or certified when the agency has competent and substantial evidence to do so. It is important to note that as a professional, you should never agree to waive any rights without first consulting with a qualified attorney. Your rights in these matters may include:

  • The right to due process and a hearing under the provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act
  • The right to contest any allegations before an administrative law judge
  • The right against administrative self-incrimination
  • The right to sufficient notice whenever a governing agency is undertaking an investigation into complaints against you
  • The right to know the specific nature of any allegations that are the grounds for a potential disciplinary action

At Delegal & Poindexter, we work to fully investigate the circumstances of each allegation and thoroughly review the administrative and investigative processes for any mistakes and procedural errors that could have an impact on the outcome of a case.

Should you wish to resolve a case without a hearing, we will represent you in any settlement discussions with the various state agencies. In our experience, the best settlements are often reached only after an individual demonstrates that he or she is willing to protect his rights and is aware of the rights which he or she may have.

Because of this, we usually attempt to settle a case only after we have asserted any appropriate procedural defenses which demonstrate to the attorney representing the state agency that we are serious about preserving our client’s rights. And, as with every matter, we fully prepare for and provide representation before administrative law judges whenever required.

Disciplinary Action Following Criminal Proceedings

Being charged with a crime is a very serious matter for anyone. For licensed professionals, it can have even more severe consequences. In Florida, most persons who are licensed or certified in their professions are covered by statutes that require them to report certain acts to the licensing board or agency. Where such statutes apply, an individual must report being convicted of, or found guilty of, a crime that relates to the practice of the profession, or the ability to practice the profession. The laws also require such individuals to report to the board of agency where they plead guilty or nolo contendere to such crimes, regardless of whether the matter has been actually adjudicated.

Whether a particular crime related to a profession or the ability to practice the profession is frequently disputed. Often, it is necessary to submit the matter to an administrative law judge who will conduct a hearing on the issue.

Our firm has been privileged to represent a wide range of professionals in licensing matters. We understand that each licensing agency or board is different, and each client has different needs. We begin each case with a thorough review of the defenses available to our clients in order to develop the most appropriate strategy.

Common Professional Licensing Litigation Claims

Obtaining Licensure

Reporting Arrests or Convictions

Agency Investigations

Administrative Complaints & Hearings

Emergency Suspension Orders

Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN)

Professionals Resource Network (PRN)

National Practitioner Data Bank