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Emergency Suspension Orders

The Florida Department of Health has the authority to order emergency suspension of a health professional’s license. Conduct that risks public health, safety or welfare may result in an emergency suspension of a health professional’s license.

Health professionals who receive an Emergency Suspension Order (ESO) are usually entitled to or may petition the board for a hearing to submit their case before final action is taken. Hearings and appeals against emergency suspension orders must be done quickly. Therefore, it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as you become aware of an Emergency Suspension Order (ESO) against your medical, nursing or professional license. While there may be validity to the complaint, the standard for achieving an emergency suspension is very high. With the right attorney your chances of avoiding this punitive action is greatly increased.

Professional licensing issues and administrative hearings require a great deal of knowledge, skill and experience with issues surrounding the standard of care, legal duties and ethics. If you have been given an Emergency Suspension Order (ESO) or Emergency Restriction Order (ERO) from a Florida licensing board, or are aware of an investigation into your conduct, we recommend that you call us immediately. We can help determine the best course of action and represent you at the meeting with a state investigator.

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