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Whistleblower Retaliation Claims


Federal, state, and local laws prohibit certain employers from retaliating against employees who have engaged in certain types of whistleblowing conduct regarding the activities of their employers. Due to the complex patchwork of federal, state, and local laws, it is important that an individual consult with an attorney before engaging in whistleblowing conduct to ensure that the employee discloses the information to the correct person, in the correct method, and at the correct time.

If you are aware of certain practices or actions taken by your employer that you find concerning, the attorneys at Delegal & Poindexter are able to assist you in evaluating your concerns and the relevant laws to ensure that the whistleblowing disclosure is made in the proper way.

If you have previously disclosed such conduct to your employer or an investigatory agency, and have been harassed, disciplined, or terminated as a result of your disclosures, the attorneys at Delegal & Poindexter can represent you in litigation seeking to remedy the retaliatory conduct.