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Practice Area Overview

The majority of our practice at Delegal Law Offices is in the areas of labor and employment law and administrative law. More specifically, we focus on:

  • Severance Agreements We represent clients in all severance-related concerns including employment contracts/golden parachutes, contract disputes/breach of contract claims, pensions/vested employee concerns, COBRA and retirement benefits. For more information on severance agreements, please fill out a questionnaire.
  • Professional Licensing Clients we represent include physicians, nurses, psychologists, teachers, mortgage lenders, securities brokers, real estate agents, police officers, paramedics, massage therapists, veterinarians, geologists, dentists, architects, CPA’s, designers, contractors, and many others. For more information on professional licensing, please fill out a questionnaire.
  • Non-Compete Agreements We represent both employers and employees in non-compete cases and are committed to protecting and defending our clients’ rights. For more information on non-compete agreements, please fill out a questionnaire.
  • Civil Service – Public Sector – Government Employment Litigation We represent city, county, state, and federal employees and their unions in a wide range of concerns including collective bargaining, disciplinary and other adverse personnel actions, arbitration, grievances, MSPB litigation, career/civil service matters, and many other issues. For more information on public employee litigation, please fill out a questionnaire.

In addition to these primary practice areas, we also provide legal representation in other areas relating to issue which include civil litigation, civil rights litigation, administrative law matters, special legal services related to law enforcement personnel, and legal process involved in ensuring the educational rights of children with disabilities

For more information or to schedule an appointment with our office, please contact us at (904) 633-5000 or click here to fill out a questionnaire which will assist us in determining how we may help you with your concern. We provide a comprehensive review of each potential client’s case, spending the time necessary for a full review and development of an appropriate strategy. We therefore charge an initial fee of $500 for our client intake process.